Sky Laser isn't just a game; it's an experience. Our Laser Tag arena, also known as the ‘War Room’, is the heart of excitement. It's a sprawling space that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 players at a time, split into two teams. The dark, neon-lit room sets the stage for an electrifying game where strategy, speed, and fun collide.

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Ground Floor, ILD Trade Center, Sohna Road,
Sector-47, Gurugram, HR - 122018

Everything You Need To Know -
Sky Laser Tag Experience

Laser Tag is like a fun version of paintball (and it hurts less too) where lasers and infrared sensitive targets are involved – how cool is that? The aim of the game is to take out each member of the opposing team by shooting them down with lasers under this dark and neon lit room. The activity is guided by professionals who instruct you all the time and make sure that it turns out to be a one-of-a-kind experience for you.

Skyjumper Trampoline Park has the largest Laser Tag arena, which is also called the ‘War room’. Since it’s the largest, it can accommodate 12 players at a time from two teams. And trust us, this is not a game for only kids and teenagers. It’s equally exciting for adults. Whether you are young, old or even office colleagues, it’ll surely give you some amazing and fun memories.

Benefits of
Laser Tag Activity

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Promotes Teamwork
& Collaboration
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Develops Social Skills
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Problem Solving Abilities
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Enhanced Focus &
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Cardiovascular exercise that enables calorie burning

Game Play Option

Death Match: It’s every man for himself. Each individual can shoot anyone in the arena with the objective of gaining the most points. Typically played with less than 8 players. It allocates random colors to each player.

Team Frag Match: Players will be divided into two or more teams with the objective of achieving the defined number of Frags (kills), whichever team achieves the target first is the winner and game gets over.

Frag Match: “Frags” are set in this game while setting up the game, whoever reaches the defined “Frags (kills)” first is a winner. This game doesn’t work on defined timeframe, the moment any player achieves defined “Frags”- game gets over.

Last Man Standing – Team: Players will be divided into two or more teams with individual “Life” allocation, objective is to stay alive as long as possible to make your team win and the last player to survive with the highest life left will be announced winner.

Last Man Standing: This is individual play scenario where number of “Life’s” will be allocated to each player, once all the life’s are exhausted by any player he/she will be out of the game. The last alive player will be announced winner.

Angels and Demons: Players are divided into Angels and Demons. Angels can shoot a Demon to transform them into one of their own and likewise, vice versa. When all players are of the same type, the game resets for the next round.

Last Team Standing: Players will be divided into two or more teams with “Life” allocation on team basis, objective for any team is to protect themselves from getting killed. Whichever team survives till last will be announced winner.

Team Death Match: Players are divided into two or more teams with the objective of achieving the highest points by individual and as well as by team. The players tag opponents and capture their base stations for additional points

Laser Legends Speaks


"Sky Laser Tag brought our team together - thrilling, engaging, and absolutely unforgettable! Best team-building activity we've had."


"Incredible experience at Sky Laser Tag! High-energy, fun, and safe - it's an adrenaline rush like no other."


"Sky Laser Tag exceeded all expectations! Perfect blend of excitement and competition under the stars. Can't wait to return!"

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