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Time 3 Hours

60 mins
High Tea and Snacks Along with 10+ Interesting Games
60 mins
Laser Tag and Trampoline
60 mins
Food Buffet, Socialise and Picture session

Unwind with Our Exclusive 3-Hour Kitty Party Package!

60 mins

  • High Tea
  • Snacks
  • 10+ Interesting Games (Tambolla, Cards, Monopoly, Paint the Glass, Uno, Musical Chairs, Balance Baloon, Cup Head Challenge, Spoon Cereal Challenge, Gather the Chocolates, Beer Pong) (Choose any 3)

60 mins

  • Laser Tag
  • Trampoline

60 mins

  • Food Buffet
  • Socialise
  • Picture session

What makes your kitty party
experience special at SkyJumper

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Dedicated party manager for special games, laser tag, and trampoline fun!

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Winner of the maximum games shall receive a special 1k laptop bag for their child!

About Kitty

Elevate Your Next
Kitty Party with Us

Wave farewell to dull, stationary kitty parties and embrace the thrill at SkyJumper Trampoline Park!

Here, we redefine celebration with a fusion of excitement and blending fitness with immense fun. Get ready for a jumpy, fun-filled unforgettable adventure with tasty food!


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Break Free from Monotony

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Active Play for All Age

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Easy Planning and Execution

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Engaging Social Interaction

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Healthy Celebration -Fun and Fitness

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All-Weather Enjoyment (Indoor Venue)

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Memorable and Instagrammable Moments

Our Happy Guests Speak!

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Saanika Karnik

"Sky Jumper Trampoline Park made our kitty party unforgettable! The thrill of bouncing together created laughter-filled memories. Exceptional service and an exhilarating atmosphere—can't wait to jump back in!"
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Priyanka Massey

"Our kitty party at Sky Jumper Trampoline Park was a sky-high success! The energetic ambiance, friendly staff, and the joy of jumping made it a perfect day out with friends. Highly recommended!"
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Harshala Jain

"Sky Jumper Trampoline Park transformed our kitty party into a lively adventure! Jumping around together created an atmosphere of pure joy. Amazing staff and a fantastic venue. Thank you for an incredible time!"

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